I'm not here to sell you a one-size-fits-all solution, so my pricing varies. I just want to give you a sense of the solutions I offer and the investment you can expect to make.

The following are three typical levels of service you might consider and their deliverables. We'll tweak as needed.

First time working with me? I also include a free, 20-minute discovery call.

Scroll a little further down for frequently asked questions and editing rates.


The whole shebang

  • One-hour consultation about goals, content, and distribution strategy

  • Basic or primary research

  • Keyword research

  • Five headline options

  • Content

  • Two rounds of revisions

  • Final proofread/QA

  • Formatting and publishing

  • SEO optimization (e.g. title tags and meta descriptions)

  • Lead generation email (includes subject line and landing page copy)

  • Other promotional efforts (e.g. social posts, syndication)

Starts at $1,225

I help prep

  • One-hour consultation about goals, content, and design

  • Primary research (e.g. subject matter expert interviews, influencer quotes)

  • Keyword research

  • Five headline options

  • Content

  • Two rounds of revisions

  • Final proofread/QA

Starts at $895

You prep + promote

  • Basic research

  • Content

  • Two rounds of revisions

  • Final proofread/QA

Starts at $575




Extras I'll suggest if we agree they'll bring you added value*:


Before we get down to business, we need a solid foundation. If your brand messaging or positioning needs a little boost, or your website needs restructuring, I can help. Ask me for a custom quote.


I advocate squeezing the most possible juice out of particularly awesome lead gen machines. After we’ve seen how your content performs, I’m happy to revisit and improve, update, and redistribute your content for just $240.


Perhaps you have a series of blog posts that would make a great ebook. Or an ebook that can be broken into an email course. Or vertical content we can rework for a different industry or buyer. I can help you with both the originals and the repurposing, of course. Request a custom quote for either or both.

Rush order

20% of your quote for delivery within two days.

*Only the Repackage is available as a standalone service.





What types of content do you write?

I specialize in long-form, in-depth content—mostly blog posts. See Services for other content types I can help with.

What if I need help with distribution but not prep?

No problem. Just note what you're interested in using the intake form on my Contact page. Once we've talked over your needs and decided your chosen service is the best solution for you, I’ll quote accordingly.

Formatting and publishing… does that mean you design and publish PDFs?

Sadly, no. Design isn’t my strong point, so I can’t help you finalize an ebook, whitepaper, infographic, or other downloadable asset. What I can do is publish web content in WordPress, make presentations look pretty in PowerPoint, and make basic blog headers in Canva.

How long will this project take?

I generally ask for at least three weeks' lead time from our kick-off call, unless you're in a hurry (see Rush Order add-on above). Once we're all set to start the project, we can do so within a week. I'll give you an exact time frame for completion when we've nailed the scope of work, but to give you an idea: Expect a "You prep and promote" project to land in your inbox within another week.

How do you charge for editing?

I charge per ~500-word page, per editing requirements. I'll first skim over your draft, then prescribe the level of editing I think it needs:

  1. Copyedit and proof: I check your facts, grammar, and spelling. That’s $50 per page.

  2. Line edit: As well as the above, I improve word choice and make sure things flow nicely at the sentence and paragraph level. This requires some rewriting, so it’s $80 per page.

  3. High-level review: Rather than dive into the edits myself, I read your draft and offer broad suggestions on how to develop or improve the overall piece—for example, what might be expanded, cut, or made clearer. The review includes in-document comments and a separate recommendations report. For this, please request a quote.

Sold! What's the next step?

Awesome! Head over to Contact and fill out the form. You'll hear from me within 24 hours. If all sounds good, I'll give you a quick call to learn more about you, your business, and your project. You can book an hour on my calendar if you'd like a full consultation. From there, you can hire me for the job, or simply walk away with my ideas. 'Sup to you! I'll never suggest more work than you need and there's never any obligation.


Email me if your question hasn't been answered here.